How do we use your donations?

Your donation allows us to finance projects that benefit the entire community of your sponsored child.

Thanks to the financial contribution of more than 400 sponsors, development programs are being carried out in Benin.

These projects consider the child’s general environment: health, education, protection, habitat and economic security.


Our approach is to make lasting changes in the families in which we work for children. Therefore, your donations are not given directly to a single child, but to programs in his entire community. To offer him real prospects for the future, his whole environment needs to be improved in a structural way. Each year, the sponsors receive a report on the actions carried out in the community of their sponsored child.


These development programmes are covering two priority areas:
  • Education and training (We provide access to quality education and training for children and youth) 
  • Health (We meet children’s basic needs: food, clean and drinkable water, medical care and a healthy environment)


Since our creation, we have maintained a relationship of trust and financial transparency with all our sponsors. Thanks to our rigorous financial management, nearly 90% of donations are directly used to support our development actions benefiting more than 400 children in Benin.