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Scholarship by Hirondelle de l’Avenir – Hirondelle de l'Avenir

Scholarship by Hirondelle de l’Avenir


In summer 2019, in Benin, the first bootcamp of the School of Vision was held in partnership with the Woman For Young Women association (Togo), contributing to the development and empowerment of 15 vulnerable young girls by facilitating their access to quality programs. The objective of the latter being that they draw a vision of life integrating the notion of balance on all levels (personal, economic and social), and built around a dream, in accordance with their personality, their abilities and skills, interests and their values.


For most of these young girls, poverty is also a reality. Women tend to suffer from a lack of economic opportunities and a lack of representation in top decision-making positions. (World Bank)
Despite these limitations, however, these women remain steadfast and determined to achieve their goals. They all hope to create sustainable communities for other Beninese women, to inspire others with the opportunities, freedoms and self-confidence they have received through the School of Vision.

Hirondelle de l’Avenir does not, however, wish to limit the opportunity of the Stock Exchange, which remains open to young men as well.

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BROCHURE Bourse Hirondelle de l’Avenir

Among them, some made their comeback in September 2019 as Esther at ISMA (Higher Institute of Audiovisual Trades) to become a journalist, she is entering her second year in 2020.

Laurincia, Sylvie and Grâce were taken in sewing, beading and hairdressing training by Sarah Codjo, Founder of Perlicious in Benin for several months (www.perlicious.fr), they all came out with a certified diploma and we granted a micro credit to Sylvie so that she can develop her ready-to-wear business in Parakou.

Fanick entered the University in Psychology, Marie-Christelle in Private School to be an Economist.

Benoîte and Raïssa work for Hirondelle de l’Avenir in support of our social workers.

Raïssa will also follow the Grow Academy e-learning program, our new partner in Senegal.

Salamatou is entering Terminale in a Private School, Jeanne graduated in hospitality and is looking for an internship.

Florence continues her studies in Togo, we unfortunately lost track of Damilola and Antoinette, when Cathy, she gave up her care.

Thérèse went to a Fashion School in Dakar, Senegal and at the same time joined the Grow Academy, our new partner, as an intern.

What is the Grow Academy?
A digital academy in local languages ​​for out of school and / or illiterate girls in West Africa.

The academy is a social enterprise that transforms young girls aged 15 to 25 who are out of school, marginalized, illiterate and / or dropping out of school into microtechnology professionals, confident and persevering, thanks to training courses delivered in local languages. .

Supervised by former beneficiaries who have become mentors of the program, the learners follow cycles of development of confidence, mentoring, programming, digital and entrepreneurship, then launch tech, social and sustainable micro enterprises, or become employable.

Following their training, the young women beneficiaries embody the academy’s motto “never forget where you come from”, becoming mentors and ambassadors of our academies and their communities, thus making the program sustainable and renewable. .