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Sponsor / Child relation – Hirondelle de l'Avenir

Sponsor / Child relation

Sponsorship is a unique experience that will allow you to build a special bond with a child in Benin.

Our sponsors can, if they wish to, have a close relationship with their sponsored child by exchanging emails, sending letters and visit them in their community.

Thanks to Hirondelle de l’Avenir’s follow-up, they can witness the impact of our actions on the community through their sponsorship.

Sponsorship also enables many sponsors to make their own children aware of development issues in Benin.

Meet your sponsored child

Many of our sponsors have decided to travel to Benin.

If you’re willing to, you can meet your sponsored child to see his living conditions and our field work. Our staff will help you organizing this trip.

The trip will take a lot more intimate dimension: it will be an experience full of emotions and unforgettable for you as for your sponsored child. A rare opportunity to share his daily routine and see how your sponsoring is making a change in his life.

Clara is the sponsor of Kiki, 9 years old, orphan of father and mother, he lives in the Aguégués, a lake town in south-eastern Benin made up of islands of alluvial accumulation where one can only access by canoe.

“It was during a fashion show that I first met Sophie, President of Hirondelle de l’Avenir France. We quickly became friends, and when she told me about her association and the sponsorship of orphaned children in Benin, I was immediately seduced by this idea. Sophie offered to support Kiki Noël, 7 years old at that time, who lost both her parents and lived in a village of the Aguégués. I decided to become the sponsor of this cute little boy and I had the chance to meet him in his village during a trip to Benin! It was an incredible encounter, very moving. I’m not sure he understood who I was or why I wanted to meet him, but that’s okay. I know that if this little boy has access today to medical care, to school and everything else he needs to live, I am one of those who have something to do with it.”