[:en]Why sponsor a child ?[:]

Sponsoring a child with Hirondelle de l’Avenir means moving them out of poverty and restoring their autonomy while respecting the lifestyles of their community.

Thanks to your sponsorship donations, we are carrying out development programs in Benin around the health and education of children.

Today in Benin, poverty, illiteracy and health problems are among the obstacles that hamper the realization of children’s rights.

This is why we have made it our priority:

  • One in three Beninese children suffers from malnutrition
  • Only 50% of girls go to school, indicating that half of girls of school age are deprived of the right to education
  • 670,000 children aged 6 to 17 work
Together let’s change children’s lives!

Sponsoring a child is a unique opportunity to help them and see the impact of your support in their life and that of their community. Supporting a child is also having the joy of watching him grow.

Thanks to the pooling of donations from godmothers and godparents around the world, the sponsorship of a child makes it possible to set up development programs in order to bring the whole community towards autonomy.

Our development programs mobilize children, families, communities, but also local authorities and associations, all of which have a role to play in improving the living conditions and development of a region or country.

  • Respond to vital needs
  • Provide access to education
  • Provide access to professionalization thanks to personalized support

Thanks to sponsorship, you can offer a better future to a child and his community for less than € 15 per month (€ 6 per month after tax reduction *). Sponsoring a child also means joining a community of hundreds of godmothers and sponsors around the world.
* 66% of the amount of your donation is tax deductible, within the limit of 20% of your net taxable income.