[:en]How do we use your donation ?[:]

Your sponsorship donation helps fund projects benefiting the entire community in which your godchild lives.

Thanks to the financial contribution of more than 500 Hirondelle de l’Avenir godparents, development programs are being carried out in Benin.

These projects take into account the general environment of the child: his health, his education, his protection, his habitat and his economic security.


Our approach is to bring lasting changes in the families where we intervene in favor of children: this is why your donations are not given directly to a single child but to the programs carried out in his entire community because, to offer him real prospects for the future, it is its environment that must be structurally improved. Each year, the godmothers and godparents receive a report of the actions carried out in the community of their godchild (s).

These development programs cover 3 priority action areas which are:
  • education and training (we give children and young people access to quality education and training)
  • Health (we meet the basic needs of children: food, drinking water, care and a healthy environment)


Since our creation, we have maintained a relationship of trust and financial transparency with all our sponsors. Thanks to the rigor of our financial management, nearly 90% of donations are used directly to support our development actions in the field, benefiting more than 500 children in Benin.