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Sponsoring a child with Hirondelle de l’Avenir is protecting him from poverty and empower him while respecting his community lifestyle and codes.

Nowadays in Benin, poverty, illiteracy and health issues all represent hindrances towards the respect for children rights.

Our priorities:

  • One in three Beninese children is suffering from malnutrition
  • Only 50% of girls are attending school, which means that half of the girls with primary school age are deprived from receiving an education
  • 670 000 children from 6 to 17 years old are working
Together, we can make a change!

Sponsoring a child is a unique opportunity to help him and to witness the impact of your support in his life and community. You will also have the joy of seeing him growing up.

By pooling the donations from around the world, our sponsoring programs benefits the whole community, supporting them to increase their autonomy.

Our development programs commits children, families and communities but also local authorities and associations to take part into the improvement of the living conditions in their region or country.

  • Responding to vital needs
  • Providing access to education

With sponsoring, you can provide a brighter future to a child for less than €12 per month (€4 after reduced tax*).
Sponsoring a child also means joining a community of hundreds of sponsors worldwide.
*66% of your donation is tax deductible, up to 20% of your taxable income

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